Martin Speight

30 years experience in the direct sales industry, the last 20 years exclusively dedicated to online marketing, producing consistent results across multiple niches.

Prior to online marketing, I graduated with a degree in Quantity Surveying at the University of Central Lancashire, then left the construction industry for the world of sales and marketing. With a partner, I started a direct sales business in the UK prior to spending 7 years in the network marketing industry, where I became the youngest person in a company called Quorum to generate over $1 million in sales commissions (I was featured in the company owner’s book “Network Marketing: A World Vision”). In 1994 I “graduated” from the original Anthony Robbins Mastery University.

I love to travel and have visited over 30 different countries. I have lived, worked, and ran businesses in 7 different countries. Since 1996 I have lived in Spain, with my Spanish wife and two sons, and owned and ran two high street retail outlets and a master franchise, prior to dedicating myself exclusively to online marketing.

Since I started marketing online in the year 2000 I have sold everything from $1 trial memberships to $7 front end “ self-liquidating offers”, low priced front end PDF ebooks, digital information products, video tutorials, physical books and products, recurring memberships, high ticket (£5000 GBP) seminars, and high-end DVD courses, ran Jeff Walker style “PLF” launches for myself and clients and even taken deposits of up to £30,000 for approximately 70 properties in Cyprus for a property investment client… all online!

I have developed products of my own, sold other products as an affiliate, wrote many winning sales letters, crafted thousands of autoresponders and automated backend email series and promotions, developed my own “1-click-upsell” system (prior to everyone using them), consulted for Clickbank – as one of their top sellers, hired outsourcers and built teams internationally, set up customer support systems, spent multiple 7 figures of my own money on online advertising (excluding ad spend I managed for clients),  generated over 1 billion ad views, millions of unique visitors and leads, built more than 100 websites (mainly WordPress) and sold hundreds of thousands of products.

I was also one of the very few select attendees to leading online marketer Frank Kern’s legendary “Serializer Workshop” in Florida, and one of the very first case studies for Jeff Walker’s “Product Launch Formula” (you can still see my case study online here)

Below you will find a summary of some of my online accomplishments.

Clickbank Premier Program Member

For three years consecutive I was a top seller (a member of their “Premier” program) on the Clickbank Marketplace. Clickbank is the world’s largest online seller of digital products and the main payment processor for many top information marketers. Being a top seller represented being in their top 0.01% in terms of sales volume.

In total, I sold over $2 million USD via Clickbank in digital downloadable information products. Mostly as a product vendor and also some as an affiliate for other vendors’ products.

These sales involved the formulation of a business plan, market discovery, ideal client avatar and profile development, building websites, product testing, product development, product rollout plan, lead generation, online advertising (organic and paid traffic), sales conversions, development of back-end products, development of up-sells, writing my own sales letters, email promotions and autoresponders, social media, and setting up all customer and tech support teams.

In summary, this was the complete development of a $2+ million online business in digital downloadable products in the photography and Photoshop niches, with a total of 18 digital/information products.

Here are copies of a letter and certificates from Clickbank…


Other Digital Information Marketing Products (Including Recurring Membership Sites)

I also developed other digital products, specifically in “small monthly fee” recurring memberships. I sold these through our own merchant account and shopping cart. Again generating these sales involved the successful development of all aspects of an online business. In total, I generated $1.85 million in gross sales in a 2 year period. (See screenshots below).


Client Work

I have worked with several dozen clients outside of promoting my own products, many were local businesses who wanted simple lead generation services, however with the following clients were long term relationships involving sales in the 6 and 7 USD figures:

Past Long Term Clients:

  • US fitness author Will Brink (sales letters for info products, email promotions, ARs. traffic generation via SEO, PPC and affiliate program development)
  • Canada based stock market investor and trainer Mike Ser (developed full sales process, sales letters, email promotions, autoresponders, drive paid traffic etc.)
  • UK author, property investor and entrepreneur Andy Shaw (drive all traffic via PPC and affiliates, worked hand-in-hand with Timothy Warnock – a professional copywriter – to develop all sales funnels, sales letters, email promotions, ARs, etc.)
  • The European promoters of Tony Robbins events (I promoted a book for them that generated over 60,000 leads for their sales team in Europe, created ads, landing pages, follow up ARs, email promotions.)

Here’s a video example of the sales generated for Andy Shaw.

Current Client:

  • Stock market analyst, leading Spanish Elliott Wave Theory expert & author Enrique Santos set up his funnel to promote his books and courses as well as drive paid traffic to build his audience via his email list, Facebook group, and Youtube Channel. The sales funnel development for his information products involved writing sales letters and video scripts, email promotions, and ad creation, all in the Spanish language.

Freddie and Sebbie

For 4 years, until late 2017, I worked together with my brother on his “kids line” e-commerce business, we dedicated ourselves almost fully to the development of our own name brand “Freddie and Sebbie” – – which has sold approx 130,000 products (in excess of $3 million USD) via using the Amazon FBA program. I left this project in late 2017 when I decided to dedicate myself to (see below).

We used all the experience gained marketing in the previous years and implemented it into the development of Freddie and Sebbie. This includes:-

  • Production of a detailed business plan
  • Development of brand identity, logo, international intellectual property protection
  • Niche and product selection
  • Design and manufacturing plan, securing China-based manufacturing agreements
  • Complete marketing plan, lead generation (organic and paid traffic), sales funnels, development of a split-testing process for maximum conversions
  • Setting up customer service and client satisfaction processes
  • Development of “brand recognition” blueprint to increase brand awareness and social media presence

Brand Recognition

Here you can see a screenshot from a Google search for Freddie and Sebbie, which shows over 40,000 indexed mentions of our company name, and the 1st page of the search results dominated by our web properties which receive constant ongoing SEO work and press release promotion



Here is a sample screenshot of the total sales  from Amazon’s FBA reporting for 2015, which was our highest year of gross sales


Customer satisfaction is extremely high, with 98% lifetime positive feedback, which indicates we are doing everything correctly. (Good marketing, good sales process, good manufacturing, good customer follow up, etc.)

Here is a screenshot of the customer feedback.



Co-Founded a Gaming Startup “”

After being exposed to the concept in late 2017 and doing some research, in early 2018 I co-founded a gaming startup (together with 4 long-time friends and trusted business partners) dedicated to monetizing the processing power of high powered gamer’s computers, and in 2018 took over the role of CEO. The company is called – – My role has involved developing the business and platform from initial concept through to the current MVP stage, developing all relevant brand, business plan, documentation (website copy, pitch deck, whitepaper, one-page summary – working with and building and developing a team of now close to 40 people, raising the first round of funding of $2m+, and laying the foundation for growth and user acquisition in 2022.




“I first met with Martin in 2006. We agreed to take a chance and promote a book I had recently written. Martin created a sales funnel for me and we launched an entirely new business in December 2006. Within a week we had sold out and had 2,000+ people paying £40/mth to be members on site. He went on to relaunch every few months throughout 2007. My book became the best selling book of its type during that year and we generated approximately £2 million in sales in the first year. I wanted explosive success, and Martin delivered that… and much more in the following years.”
– Andy Shaw,

“Martin was amazing to work with and he delivered fantastic results for our 2 projects. He was able to set up the sales funnel infrastructure, website and email list. More importantly, I was very happy with the results that Martin generated for us.”
– Mike Ser,

“I’m Enrique Santos from Spain, a professional technical analyst, and stock market trader. My main activity besides trading and analysis is the training of traders, using technical analysis based on models of human behavior and on traditional technical analysis, such as Elliott Wave Theory and Fibonacci. I have been selling my products (books and courses) on the internet without interruption since 2002.

At the beginning of 2017, I got to know the work of Martin Speight through a friend and reached a collaboration agreement with him to take over my online marketing.

Martin set up a complete sales system, including restructuring my offers, setting up all the sales funnels, autoresponders, emails, upsells, backend recurring offers, ad campaigns, promotions, automated product delivery, and created a simple way for me to communicate with my audience using email and social media, allowing me to effectively build a relationship and convert them into buyers at a speed I am comfortable with (I run a hands-on monthly training service and only allow a limited number of new people each month).

We have now sold well over six figures with a 6x return on ad spend, which is impressive given that we are selling almost exclusively to the Spanish marketplace, and only in the Spanish language, and I believe my books and courses are now the top-selling products related specifically to Elliott Wave Theory in Spain.

I have sold much more in the 3 years working with Martin than I had in the previous 15 years without his collaboration and more importantly, I now have a very loyal customer base and Martin has helped map out a future plan for additional product creation to offer more value to our customer base to help them achieve further success with their own trading. Without a doubt, I can assure you that working with Martin has been a complete success.”
– Enrique Santos,

“Martin was an essential aspect of growing the BrinkZone brand and products at an essential time when it was needed most and he always delivered on what he promised to accomplish for me and my brand.”
– Will Brink, 

“For several years I ran the company Med Western, which was the official promoter of Anthony Robbins in Europe and hired Martin to generate leads for us online. Martin set up the lead generation websites, follow-up email promotions, built the lead delivery system, created the ads, and drove the traffic to these websites. In summary, Martin was responsible for providing over 60,000 qualified leads to our sales team, and was instrumental in providing the data which enabled us to sell well over 10,000 tickets to our Tony Robbins four-day seminar and other events.”
– Richard Steel,  Promotor Anthony Robbins Europe