Leverage: Work Smarter Not Harder

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For us as entrepreneurs one of the most essential skills to master is leverage. Knowing how to leverage your finances, your time, your skills and your resources, all help create the business, income, and lifestyle that we desire.

Effective use of digital marketing can help enormously with that. In fact, it is pretty much perfect for achieving enormous leverage in your business.

Don’t just manage your time, leverage it.

I was recently asked what I consider to be the very best way to use digital marketing for leverage, and this was my answer…

I’d start with lead generation, a huge issue for many small business owners.

The problem is that most entrepreneurs are on a never-ending hamster wheel to generate new clients. And when you consider the basics of “sales” – a person needs to “know, like and trust” you before they “buy” from you – then it can be a huge amount of work dedicated to finding each new client…

…When what you really need is a “lead generation machine” which feeds you a continual supply of people who are already pre-sold on your product or service, they “know, like and trust” you and because of your client screening process (a few simple questions), you know they have the money to pay.

How does that sound?

Here are the basics how to build that beautiful machine that offers you a non-stop supply of ideal clients. (For this example let’s say you are a high-end personal trainer, and you’ve been smart and only look for business executives with plenty of money).

  1. Set up a private Facebook group (better than a page for what we are going to do) where you will post great content… some of your own, some other information and articles you read online etc.
  2. In the group you answer questions from members, demonstrating your knowledge
  3. Post success stories and feedback from other clients.
  4. All of this will set you up as a “trusted advisor” (and mean you can charge higher rates)
  5. Build your group. If you already have a website then make sure you let your visitors know about your new group.
  6. Set up some Facebook ads promoting your new group, and target your ideal client
  7. Send your Facebook ads to a Facebook messenger chatbot (I love ManyChat), not directly to your group.
  8. From your messenger chatbot promote your group and also create a lead magnet (for example a free report like this: “Is Hiring a Personal Trainer Right For You”) to get them onto a newsletter list (easy to do, use ManyChat, Zapier and Active Campaign)
  9. Be sure to set up your FB pixel on the report download page

Ok, quick summary…

So, now you have set up a Facebook Group where you will “position” yourself as the go-to guy for your ideal client. And through your content and interaction in the group, your members will grow to “know, like and trust” you.

Forget trying to sell your services. Your goal is to become your target market’s “most prized advisor.”

You do this by openly sharing your knowledge and helping the people in your group.

On to step 2…


In the steps above we did something really clever. We effortlessly created multiple communication channels.

This means you can now communicate with our FB group members in the Facebook Group, as well as via messenger (using ManyChat), email (I like Active Campaign), and by placing cheap retargeting ads on Facebook (because we “pixeled” them!). This is amazing leverage from a simple Facebook ad.

Keep posting content, make Youtube videos, share success stories and use the communication channels to let your members know when you have posted new content in your group.

Get active on social media. Make some Youtube videos, post on regular Facebook page and Instagram. Be authentic. Be real, Let your personality show through. All of this creates trust.

This is what you have just leveraged

Every time you interact in your new Facebook private group you are leveraging your time and knowledge because you are speaking to everyone in the group, and sharing your knowledge with them all not just one person at a time.

Every time you communicate with your group members by messenger or email you are leveraging your time because you are communicating with all of them.

You are also leveraging everyone else’s time, efforts and credibility in your group. Their participation creates social proof and trust.

Now clients will come to you

Once you have done this, and it will take a little time, you will no longer be chasing new clients.

Your FB ads will fill your group with new potential clients daily. And because of your new position of trusted advisor, they will want to work with you.

Now you get to choose

Here’s where you decide: 1) who you want to work with and 2) how much you want to charge.

You have turned the game upside down.

You now have that beautiful machine we mentioned above. A machine that will supply you with a continual supply of your ideal clients, who all know, like and trust you, they are all pre-sold on your service because you have demonstrated your knowledge, and you cherry pick the ones with money and who you think would be cool to work with.

Need help setting it up?

If you have some digital marketing experience, you may already be able to set this “funnel” up yourself by following the steps above.

If, however, you need some help, we can build this for you. Connect with us, and let’s see if we are a good fit.