Audience Is The New Email List

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When my brother and I first started selling our own info products online, we had a very simple business model…

  1. Place ads and send people to an optin page to get our lead magnet.
  2. Send them daily emails with useful information helping them to achieve what they wanted, and at the same time promote our “intro” ebook/video course etc.
  3. Follow up with the buyers, by email, to get them buy more products to further improve their skills

And this simple business model made one of the top sellers on Clickbank three years running, with over 7 figures in sales.

The engine that drove it all was email.

Times are changing though and nowadays “audience” is the new email list!

And what is your audience?

Your audience is the total number of people you can reach through multiple channels when you want to get a message out about something. These channels will include your…

  • Facebook page and group
  • Twitter followers
  • YouTube viewers
  • Instagram followers
  • Podcast listeners
  • Retargeting lists
  • Email list(s) subscribers
  • Facebook messenger chatbot subscriber list

Seem likes a lot to build right?

It’s actually much easier than you think. For example I strongly recommend you start now with your chatbot subscriber list, and use that to promote your other channels.

If you want some help with then connect with us.

We have a while new service designed to help you build a bot list and we’d love to show you how to do it.