I created 8services.com in 2004, to provide the methodology, systematic framework, and infrastructure necessary to grow my own online ventures.

Over the following years, I also took on some clients, and in total generated more than 1 billion ad views, millions of leads, and several hundred thousand customers across many different verticals.

In fact, the name “8services.com” was derived from the eight specific steps I identified and implemented to start, grow, and run a profitable online business, they are:

  1. Understand the Fundamentals: Know your audience/market, understand what you are really selling.
  2. Know Your Goals and Objectives: Short, medium, long term, then determine resources and strategy to achieve them.
  3. Design and Structure Your “Machine”: Develop structure for your website, social media, funnels, ARs, order processing, etc.
  4. Set Up Tracking and Analytics: Know what to measure and track, build KPIs, install tag manager, and all pixels.
  5. Create “Pre-Click” Strategic Content: Know your customer journey, and levels of awareness, build “know, like, trust”.
  6. Create “Post-Click” Conversion Content: Copy for landing pages, offers, ARs, email promotions, sales letters.
  7. Generate Traffic, Exposure, Audience: Media buying plan, determine traffic sources and retargeting.
  8. Review, Analyze, and Optimize: Use the “Pareto Principle” to determine leverage points, create variants, and optimize.

I still occasionally work with new clients. If you’d like to know more, click here to see why you may want to consider working with me.