Grow Your Business With Effective Digital Marketing


Increase Your Profits With a Proven Marketing Partner

While all marketing is based on solid and timeless principles, many aspects of online marketing are constantly changing and unless you have a skilled in-house team or you work with a professional marketing consultant, the probability is that your online results are not optimal and you are leaving money on the table every day!

The Eight Critical Marketing Steps

Understand the fundamentals

Know your audience/market, understand what you are really selling.

Know Your Goals and Objectives

Short, medium, long term, then determine resources and strategy to achieve them.

Design and Structure Your "Machine"

Develop structure for your website, social media, funnels, ARs, order processing etc.

Set Up Tracking and Analytics

Know what to measure and track, build KPIs, install tag manager and all pixels.

Create "Pre-Click" Strategic Content

Know your customer journey, and levels of awareness, build “know, like, trust”.

Create "Post-Click" Conversion Content

Copy for landing pages, offers, ARs, email promotions, sales letters.

Generate Traffic, Exposure, Audience

Media buying plan, determine traffic sources and retargeting.

Review, Analyze and Optimize

Use “Pareto Principle” to determine leverage points, create variants and optimize.

Which Type Of Businesses Do We Work With?

I’ve worked together with entrepreneurs and business owners since 2004 helping them develop and deploy successful online marketing campaigns… My clients have included authors, coaches, consultants, personal trainers, fertility clinics, product manufacturers and retailers, small local businesses, experts in web design, copywriting, photography and photoshop, information marketers, property developers, investors and traders, and most recently an exciting new gaming startup.

“Online marketing is constantly evolving, and that means you need to continually adapt to stay competitive. For many businesses, the only way to do that is by having a proven marketing partner. If this is something you think you may need, connect with us and let’s see if we are a good fit.”

– Martin Speight, Founder

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