8services was created by brothers Martin and Neil Speight, in 2004, to provide the infrastructure, team, knowledge, resources, and services necessary to grow their own online ventures.

Over the following years, the team grew to 20 talented individuals (in-house and outsourced), generated more than 1 billion ad views, millions of leads, and several hundred thousand customers across many different verticals. They then expanded to offer the same services to a wide variety of clients.

In fact, the name “8services” was derived from the eight specific services they identified and implemented to start, grow and run their own online businesses:

  1. Strategy and Planning
  2. Branding and Design
  3. Traffic and Lead Generation
  4. Copywriting Style and Identity
  5. Content Plan and Production
  6. Establish Communication Channels
  7. Social Media Management
  8. Testing and Optimization

8services occasionally works with new clients. If you’d like to know more, click here to see why you may want to consider working with us.